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  • Don't let this happen to your YZ 250F!

    Don't let this happen to you! Don't let this happen to you!

    The 2014 Yamaha YZ250F introduced a new lightweight plastic impeller design that is proving to be problematic. Riders are reporting failure at an alarming rate at around the 5 hour point and there has been at least one failure on a stock bike as early as 1.5 hours of race use. This is especially concerning as you won't know that it has failed until it is too late and serious engine damage may have occurred from overheating. Moto Stuff worked with Splitstream to develop this high quality billet steel upgrade that solves the problem for good and is also available (below) in a Hi-Flo version. Install a kit today before it's too late! An upgraded replacement part was sent out to owners under recall summer of 2014, however it s still a plastic part and did not resolve the issue. Shaft life improved somewhat, but owners are still reporting premature failures even with new upgraded part that was introduced on the 2015 YZF 250 and used on the 2016 YZF 250.

    Standard flow kit Upgraded Billet Steel Water pump Shaft & Alloy Impeller (Standard Flow)

    1 x Replacement CNC Machined Steel one piece Water pump Shaft
    1 x CNC Alloy Impeller
    Re-use the stock gasket as they generally are not damaged during removal

    Hi Flow kit: Increased cooling and reduced overheating with the Splitstream Oversized Waterpump Kit . The Splitstream Oversized Waterpump Kit has an oversized high flow impeller and reduces the average temperature 15-20 degrees cooler compared to the stock impeller. All waterpump kits come with a OEM gasket and longer bolts.Oversized Waterpump Kit Including upgraded Billet Steel shaft & Alloy Impeller (Hi-Flow)

    1 x Replacement CNC Machined Steel one piece Water pump Shaft
    1 x Oversized Alloy CNC Machined Impeller
    1 x Blue anodized Spacer to fit the Oversized Alloy CNC Machined Impeller
    4 x Longer Bolts
    2 x Longer Dowel Pins
    1 x OEM Waterpump Gasket (You'll also re-use the stock gasket as they generally are not damaged during removal)

    For more information or to order click here!


    For more information or to order click here!


    For more information or to order click here!

  • Ultimate 2003 Honda CR250 2 stroke build - Motocross Action Magazine

    Always nice to see the MOTO STUFF Blade Braking System and our lightweight body fasteners kits and 60 piece billet aluminum engine fastener kits used in these trick bike builds!

  • Quicker Check Out and Pay After Delivery for eligible MOTO STUFF customers!

    We know- It's not MOTO, but besides providing you with the the latest in Trick Parts for your dirt bike, we also like to eliminate as much hassle as possible from the process of ordering online. Since February 2016​, we've been testing a new payment and checkout service known as​ ​KLARNA.​ ​KLARNA ​simplifies the checkout process online​ ​by allowing you to buy using ​only ​top of the mind information (your email address and zip code).​ ​With KLARNA​,​ we can now provide you with standard merchant checkout and payment using VISA​, ​Mastercard​, ​AM​E​X​, ​Discover​,​ Pay​P​al​, and now Pay After Delivery for eligible customers!
    The short video below explains the KLARNA checkout process. Our goal is to make your MOTO STUFF shopping experience as smooth and quick as possible and KLARNA does a great job of addressing the main pain points of online shopping by eliminating the need to re-enter information or memorize additional passwords!

    How Klarna works - US - mobile from Klarna on Vimeo.

  • MOTO STUFF Riders Featured in RACER-X Article: 250 Words by Steve Matthes- Waiting Game......

    RJ Hampshire. Jordon Smith. Jordon Hampshire. RJ Smith. The two GEICO Honda riders often confused with each other are also linked at the hip under the team’s awning. Their careers have run parallel with each other. Both turned with GEICO Honda around the same time (Hampshire three races at the end of 2014, Smith made his debut the next year), both have front running speed on certain days, they’re both from the same amateur class and most importantly, they both have the potential to be stars in the sport. Both have recently re-signed with the team.

    GEICO Honda is hoping that one, if not both, of them will break out this summer or in 2017 and reward the team for its patience. The funny thing about these two friends is that at one time, they had a bitter rivalry.

    “He didn’t like me at all!” laughs Hampshire. “It was mainly just because, well, I got a GEICO ride in amateurs and we were racing each other full-time. He never beat me once I got the ride. So it wasn’t good until, I think, our first supercross together. But we’re really tight now—every weekend we’re together. We both have the same struggles so we relate to each other pretty well.”

    “It was one of those things where I think it was the first time that GEICO had two amateurs in the same class,” says Smith about the initial “issues” the two had. “We were two guys who were fast, had the same bikes and wanted to go to the same place. It was a competition.”

    On the outside, the similarities are easy to see: both have the ability to go very, very fast at times but have a hard time keeping those results consistent. Both riders have hit the box in 250SX, both riders have led races and have a plethora of top tens to their name.

    Jordon Smith
    Like Hampshire, Smith has shown a ton of speed early in his career, but hasn't figured out the consistency part yet.

    Smith’s capable of reaching another level that Hampshire can’t get to, but he’s got a hard time keeping it on two wheels. Hampshire is steadier and produces more consistent finishes. Both riders have also dealt with injuries. At the Red Bull Straight Rhythm event last year, Hampshire knocked himself out and was a question mark for the Monster Energy Supercross season. He recovered and had a good year.
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    In development over the past 6 months, the MOTO STUFF WORKS EDITION Billet 1-Piece Caliper is 18% lighter than the stock cast aluminum NISSIN calipers found on HONDA, KAWASAKI, SUZUKI and YAMAHA MX bikes.
    Billet construction increases rigidity by 28%, which equates to a dramatic reduction in flex for improved consistent response at the lever. HUGE TWIN 30MM billet pistons provide more stopping power with less effort and help reduce arm pump and rider fatigue. The MOTO STUFF Billet 1-Piece Caliper is planned to be available early in August 2016 and will be available for HONDA, KAWASAKI, SUZUKI and YAMAHA MX bikes and it is a great compliment to the MOTO STUFF Blade Braking System! The MOTO STUFF "WORKS EDITION" caliper is ready to bolt on and equipped with premium components including billet sliding pin, Billet Banjo bolt, billet Bleeder cap and AP Racing pads. A true works level caliper at an affordable price! Target price is $475 as a complete ready to bolt on assembly.

    The version above was most popular in polls we did with select customers and Pro Teams we work with. Our first run will be this style and we're planning to offer a couple of color options as well as a custom finished option. We'd love y to hear your feedback on the styles below as we may do something different in the future.  Comment below or send us an e-mail to info at info@motostuff.com

    This version was most popular in polls we did with select customers and Pro Teams we work with. Our first run will be this style and we're planning to offer a couple of color options as well as a custom finished option. We'd love to hear your feedback on the styles as we may do something different in the future. Comment below or send us an e-mail to info at info@motostuff.com


    BQ caliper 13315709_537953666390805_7616702085587983262_n

    Brett Cue's X-Games Bike Brett Cue's X-Games Bike running the MOTO STUFF Works Edition Caliper
  • MOTO STUFF Rotor Covers

    Through our partnership with the GEICO HONDA Team we will soon be offering these trick rotor covers to help protect your spare wheel rotors etc. Sil-Poly material is tough, flexible and stain resistant. Initial run will be red with White MOTO STUFF logo, but we may offer Black, Blue, Yellow or Orange if there is enough interest. Shoot us an e-mail at info@motostuff.com if you are interested in one of those colors- In Stock Now! Click here for more info These will be up on the site in a couple of weeks- $28 ea. Available for Front and rear rotor protection. MS-ROTOR-COVER-WEB

  • MOTO STUFF Amateur Athlete Carson Mumford grabs 2 tickets to Lorettas at our local Washougal LLQ!

    June 9, 2016
    MOTO STUFF Athlete Carson Mumford was up at Washougal for the LLQ a few weeks ago and scored a few tickets to the ranch. Carson rides a highly modified HONDA CRF 150R. MOTO STUFF worked with the GEICO Team to develop a brake system to match the fire breathing fuel injected thumper they built!. The 250mm Big Red Blade kit is now available on our site here MOTO STUFF Big Red Kit fo rCRF 150R www.motostuff.com ‪#‎brakesreinvented‬ ‪#‎bladerevolution‬ ‪#‎roadtolorettas2016‬ @carsonmumford @austinblack_55 @fchondaweb3-160501.Carson_Mumfordweb-160501.Carson_Mumford.js-(57-of-76)web2-160501.Carson_Mumfordweb-150r-4webweb-150r-blade--1webweb-4160501.Carson_Mumfordweb-150r-2web

  • MOTO STUFF Athletes and The Blade Braking System

  • NW MOTO STUFF Athlete Tristan Charboneau makes a strong Pro Debut at Hangtown National

  • Malcolm Stewart Earns MOTO STUFF our 8th National Title!

    May 9, 2016
    Las Vegas, NV (May 7, 2016) – A wild, unpredictable season of Monster Energy Supercross’ 250SX East Region ended with yet another unexpected situation: a muddy desert. With a 14-point lead, GEICO Honda’s Malcolm Stewart only needed to finish tenth at the season finale to clinch his first professional title, but he would face the best riders from the East and West regions as part of the annual Dave Coombs Sr. Memorial Shootout. Then massive afternoon rain turned the Sam Boyd Stadium track into a mess. Through it all, he logged a clutch ride to finish third, more than enough to come home as the 2016 250SX East Region Champion.

    “It’s a big weight off my shoulders, finally!” said Stewart. He credits advice from his older brother James, who he joins to make the first pair of siblings to win supercross championships, for help with dealing with the pressure. “After we sat down and talked about that it was like a light switch. Everything was going good. I felt like I started stressing a little bit right when it started raining. This is not a race that it should ever rain at! So of course I started freaking out, but I felt that I processed it very well. Almost got the holeshot in the heat race, then we went to the main event and got a very good start. I just put a solid 12 laps in. What was funny was I decided I wanted to get tired and get arm pump on the very last lap. It was all hitting me! Stopped breathing, panic mode, over-jumping, under-jumping. I just kept it on two wheels and tried to do the best I could do and we got the championship. It was funny because I jumped the finish line and I saw my brother. He was so stoked! I was screaming in my helmet and I fell over! It’s an amazing feeling and my whole entire family and the whole GEICO Honda crew, I definitely couldn’t have done it without them. I’ll say it again – half this championship goes to my brother because he talked me through the worst nights, he put me in this situation because he’s won championships and he knows how to process it. It was my job to go out and do it, and I finally did it.”

    The GEICO Honda team has now won half of the 250SX Championships in the last six years—six of twelve.



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